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Hi there,

Julio Foppoli ~ The AuthorI’m Julio Foppoli, creator of Jump Start Your Spanish ~ Level 2.
I am glad you have found your way to this video and that you are interested in learning Spanish.
Thousands of students have tried to learn Spanish for a long time without much success. They have tried everything and even more and yet, they dread talking to native Spanish speakers. They cannot understand them and when they need to speak, they just dry up. Oh yes, they are very good at reading and writing, but when it comes to actually speaking, well… that’s a completely different story. 
And the sad part is that most of these students have been studying Spanish for a really long time, investing a lot of time and money on language lessons or on language programs on CD or DVD that promise total mastery of the language in no time. Yet, despite all of their efforts, they always seem to be right where they started.
If this describes you, you have definitely found the best place to move forward, to enable you to express yourself easily and confidently while improving your listening skills dramatically in the process_ something frequently neglected by most Spanish courses.

We have helped hundred of students to break the language barrier in record time, and you can be our next success story.

But let me tell you a little bit about myself. 
I am a certified instructor in Second Language Acquisition (English and Spanish).Ever since I remember, I have been extremely passionate about anything related to language and communication. I remember being a little kid and trying to teach English to my little brother and friends. (don’t forget that my native language is Spanish!).

The Language Bridge Between CulturesAnd the good thing was that except for my brother, all my friends liked my lessons better than their teachers’. The mere idea of being a bridge that could enable two people from different nationalities communicate has always been mesmerizing for me. It is due to  this passion and love for language that I decided to become the best I could be in this field and devote my life to helping others achieve their communication goals.

I went to college at the prestigious Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I got my bachelor’s degree as a teacher of English  and technical English as a Second Language.I worked in my country for about 12 years until I was selected among a group of 200 applicants to come  to the United States to teach English as a Second Language and Spanish as a Second Language. Here in the United Stated, I completed my certification to teach Spanish as a Second / Foreign Language.
So far I have been teaching for over 20 years now and the more I teach, the more I realize someone is making a lot of money out of the learners’ frustration. It makes me angry just to think that someone has figured out a way to sell empty promises to eager students, and after they have spent their hard-earned money and failed to see results and get frustrated, they just offer them another too-good-to-be-true promise. And sadly enough, the students buy it only to be deceived again and again and again.
Unfortunately, for most students that vicious circle ends when they take for granted that they are no good to learn Spanish and they just give up. If that thought ever crossed your mind, read on!

FACT: Anyone can learn a Second Language!

Everyone can learn Spanish! Yay!Human beings have an innate capacity to learn languages all their lives and you can achieve that goal too! 
And you do not have to be born or live in a Spanish speaking country to learn how to speak Spanish very well. With the right tools, anyone can learn  how to speak Spanish fluently and confidently in any circumstance.

Having said that, I want you to know that’s not just my belief. I have helped students to communicate once and for all for more than 20 years now, but in the last 5 years, I have  been focusing more on achieving results fast, in record time.


My secret: I am NOT a superhero!

People often think that because I am a language instructor I will tell them that it was easy for me to learn my second language.

I am not a superheroLet me tell you, that was NOT the case at all. Even though I have always loved languages, I struggled a lot.  

And the reason I struggled so much was because of the type of instruction I myself received.  It was all about studying lists and lists of words, endless grammar exercises and lots of reading and writing. By the time I was 12, I could tell you anything about the Grammar of English, tenses, patterns, rules, etc.
And my vocabulary was quite good indeed. However, I could not speak. And even worse, I could not understand when someone talked to me normally. All I could understand was very, very slow speech, unnaturally slow speech, those kinds of voices that you only find in language programs but never in real life.
I really learned to speak English as an adult when I went to college and studied language acquisition in depth and I found out how human beings acquire their mother tongue and their second language. This knowledge changed my life forever. I could then see clearly why I had been so unsuccessful in my language acquisition.

99% of Spanish Programs are Upside DownAll programs had always been upside down.

The Interaction component was left aside, almost neglected and the total focus was on reading, writing and grammar. However, if you look at child language acquisition, first comes exposure to the language, listening, speaking and then way later in life, reading and writing. 
We human beings have an innate capacity to acquire language and this takes place naturally if the right conditions are met. 
Almost all language programs simply violate this process.  And the worst part is that today, 20 years later, things have not changed a little bit.
You would think that with the internet and the access to the latest research with the click of a button, language learning would have experienced a dramatic turn. No, it hasn’t. The main difference has been that instead of using books, everything has gone digital. However, the ways of teaching, the methodologies have always remained the same as 100 years ago, and that is why thousands of students study Spanish every year but a few really master it. 
Just look at standard programs, it seems to be the norm that for anyone to be able to make basic sentences in Spanish, they need to study for over a year, usually 18 months or so. To me that was ridiculous, plainly unacceptable. 
And that is why I decided to create JUMP START YOUR SPANISH, LEVEL 2, a program that systematically and consistently delivers results, not empty promises.


In a nutshell, it is the most intensive no-nonsense Starter Spanish program ever created, that can take any student who cannot communicate to a solid everyday communication level in at least a third of the time it may take with a traditional course.

JumpStart Your Spanish in a Nutshell
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On average, our students can interact fluently and confidently in about 2-3 months of intensive work, but of course, individual results may vary.
And this is not just repeating memorized phrases like Hola, Buenos días,  Buenas noches. I am talking about expressing your own ideas easily on the spur of the moment.
When I say INTENSIVE, I mean it. I cannot promise you that you will learn Spanish if you don’t do your part. If you are looking for a magic pill that in 24 hours can make you bilingual, this is not for you. This is a program for the serious learner that wants to communicate ASAP and is willing to work for it. In this proven program, I will tell you exactly what you need to do each day and if you follow it to the T, you will see results FAST. By FAST, I mean, immediate results.
Each lesson will make you sweat, but like every good workout, at the end of it, you will come out stronger and you will see the result right then, not in 2, 3 or 10 years.
This is a step by step INTENSIVE program that will teach you very simple structures in each lesson. Yet, when you combine them you can say almost anything easily and confidently.
It’s like while learning to drive a car, you learn how to put the car in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, gears and reverse, how to accelerate and how to slow down and brake. Something very simple but that once it is mastered can get you anywhere.


JUMP START YOUR SPANISH comes with an optional but highly recommended Listening Comprehension program called THE SPANISH AUDIO BLASTER, the ideal companion to consolidate your structures, add tons of vocabulary to your repertoire and above all develop your listening comprehension of native Spanish speakers dramatically. 

And here from day one we will train you to understand people’s fast-paced speech. We do NOT simplify the materials we give you. We prepare you to understand them.
The Spanish Audio Blaster in a Nutshell
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Any of my students will tell you how “committed” I am to developing listening comprehension skills. And indeed I am. I truly believe that listening comprehension is the key. You may know lots of vocabulary and grammar and you can even express yourself pretty well, but if you cannot understand the person talking to you, you are in deep trouble. Not any more. The Spanish Audio Blaster is here to make your life easier!

So without further ado, I would like to offer you….

Two Options for Success

#1 Jump-Start Your Spanish (Standard)

In the Standard version of the program you get access to the program website for a full year where you can find:

ArrowDownloadable Materials:
Your Spanish E-book
, can be  downloaded and printed out)
              Fast-Paced Conversations in Audio for  Reinforcement and Consolidation  can be
              downloaded to take on the go on your Ipod, Mp3 player or your just computer.


6 Core Lessons (Key Strategic Phrases that when Combined turn you into a Speaking Machine)


32 Drills for Accuracy (and with a small twist, they become…)


32 Drills for Speed & Accuracy (Not only do you need to be accurate but also fast!)


Intensive focus on Vocabulary (New phrases introduced every step of the way to reinforce what you have already seen and incorporate the new)


Cyclic Approach (All the Structures and Vocabulary become Second Nature)


Conversational Situations (Put your skills to the test in realistic situations)


Online Support (A teacher answers your questions in the forum)


Access to Certified Spanish teacher (optional, not included but if you need more help, a certified Spanish teacher can work one-on-one with you)


#2: Jump-Start Your Spanish (Premium)

If understanding native Spanish speakers is a problem to you, The Spanish Audio Blaster is the solution you need! The Premium version of Jump-Start Your Spanish includes the Standard Program PLUS The Spanish Audio Blaster. 


35 Dialogs (5 dialogs for each group of verbs from Jump-Start Your Spanish)

ArrowRealistic Conversations (Speakers talk the way they do in "real" life. Their voices or pace of speech are not simplified
to make it easier for you to understand. We prepare you to understand real people.)

ArrowGeneral Comprehension Activities (You will get trained to understand the gist of any conversation)

ArrowSpecific Comprehension Activities (After you have the gist, now it is time to blast those ears to understand each
and every single word that is being said. )

ArrowStructure & Vocabulary in Context (Side by Side transcription and translation of each dialog with an emphasis on new words and expressions)
ArrowConsolidation (This material is the perfect match to Jump-Start Your Spanish in that it uses all the vocabulary and     structures in that program, but also adds more vocabulary in each dialog and provides fast-paced conversations using it
               all in context)

ArrowPost-Listening Activities (After working on each dialog, you will learn a secret technique that we developed that if you use it, it will enable you to boost your listening comprehension and "force" you to remember the new vocabulary  

This is the time!
As part of our Pre-Launch Campaign, we are offering out two programs at half off their regular price.Yes, 50% OFF!!!  
This offer is limited to the first 250 students that sign up to either the Standard or the Premium Program.

Jump-Start Your Spanish (Standard): Regular Price $94     ~ Our Price NOW $47
Jump-Start Your Spanish (Premium):  Regular Price $174 ~ Our Price NOW $87

Due to the nature of this limited-time offer we cannot guarantee that the price we are offering you today will still be available in a week. This offer is strictly limited to the first 250 students that sign-up to either the Standard or the Premium Edition of the program.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Secure your Special Price NOW!

To your success and happy Spanish learning,

Julio Foppoli

Julio Foppoli