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Congratulations on your decision to work with a teacher. Nothing beats one-on-one interaction when it comes to second language acquisition. Use the form below to work with one of our certified native Spanish-speaking instructors.

But Remember:
The booking is provisional until confirmed by one of our operators. Upon confirmation, you will receive a Paypal invoice. Once paid, the lesson booking is firm.

If you are taking part in the 49-Day-Countdown-To-Spanish Challenge, you have FOUR sixty-minute lessons included for free. No additional payment is required unless you need more lessons.


Three Options For Success:

Spanish Lessons ~ Limited Time Offers!!!

The clock shows the time in our location. 

Calculate the time difference and book the lesson in OUR local time.

For example, if the clock above is showing 3PM but your local time is 5 PM, you know that we are two hours behind you. So if you would like to have your lesson at 10 AM your time, when you book the lesson, select 8AM on the calendar (remember, we are two hours behind you) If you find this confusing, don't worry, you can always click here to contact us and let us know the country and city where you are located, and the time you want to have your lesson.

If you schedule a lesson but do not hear back from us in 12 hours, please click her to contact us.

Thank you!
The JumpStartYourSpanish Team


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