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About The Author

Julio Foppoli ~ Author of JumpStart Your Spanish!Hi, this is Julio Foppoli here, author of Jump Start Your Spanish! Thanks for visiting my website! Now some information about me. 



I have  been working extensively teaching English and Spanish for many years now. But after teaching for a couple of years I realized how ineffective most language programs were. All they offered were drills and repetition, with luck some minor conversation, but totally neglecting real listening comprehension.
Yes, there are audio files in all programs, but people speak like Forest Gump_ in the best of cases. 

In order to offer students more real samples of  everyday language, I decided to do start doing exensive research
on what works and what doesn't work in second language instruction
. The conclusion confirmed my suspicions.
It was all upside down, and that is why… 


…even today, no matter how hard students train, they are bound to fail. They are all buying the
most expensive tickets…. to board the Titanic.

No wonder why most language learners can read and write very well, a few can speak decently, but almost no one
can understand real fast-paced conversations.
Anyways, with my findings on Second Language Acquisition, I started to develop exclusive materials for my private
Learners at and the results were just mind-blowing. In merely three months I  could them to
communicate at a basic level, a huge accomplishment considering that it usually takes no less than 18 months for a
brand new student. This was the foundation that laid the groundwork to develop Jump Start Your Spanish!
(The Current Version has been greatly improved, by the way!)

Since then, I have been developing materials intensively with one main objective in mind: to get
people to speak Spanish_ FAST!
As you can probably tell, I am a very passionate and avid content developer always trying to create programs that
shorten the learning period to become proficient in the foreign 
language. Due to my passion to reach other people,
apart from my own students
, I created lots of different programs that were originally for my students only, but now
are available to everyone through my different websites.

How to learn spanish online here

Some of the most popular ones available right now are: Jump Start Your Spanish, The Spanish Audio Blaster
Learning Spanish Through Jokes?! You Just Gotta Be Kidding Me! (This program is currently sold out!!!!)
Each of these programs has produced amazing results for 
students of all levels_ in record time! 
Additionally, I run a free Spanish newsletter to inform my subscribers on the latest on Spanish language acquisition, free
lessons, videos, audios, activities, etc, and I offer free advice to make their learning experience more enjoyable
and productive.